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【Tzu Chi Monthly】Electronic version of Tzu Chi Monthly

The Tzu Chi Monthly is a free magazine that was first published on July 20, 1967. It was originally a bi-monthly four-page newsletter that was published on the 5th and the 20th of every month. The magazine provides an in-depth coverage of the work that Tzu Chi volunteers are carrying out worldwide as well as bears witness to touching real-life stories of love and kindness.

In the beginning, Tzu Chi Monthly was published to list the names of Tzu Chi's benefactors and the amounts of their donations as a way to show gratitude to all donors. Over time, it has evolved into a publication that reports on all that is true, beautiful, and good in the world. By publishing inspiring true stories, the magazine helps preserve the quintessence of life in the form of journalistic literature that can be treasured by generations to come.

【Tzu Chi English Quarterly】Tzu Chi English Quarterly Older Issues

As they struggle to recover from a devastating cyclone, the Burmese people can teach us a lot about letting go of material desires.

【Tzu Chi 2011 Year in Review】 Tzu Chi 2011 Year in Review

Highlights of Tzu Chi's missions and relief efforts worldwide in 2011 (in English with Chinese subtitles)


TZUCHI USA JOURNAL, a quarterly in English, is published by Tzu Chi U.S. Headquarters. Its in-depth articles feature inspiring stories of Tzu Chi volunteers all over the United States, about how they are helping the people and the environment, and how they themselves have been changed in the process. It also keeps readers informed of Tzu Chi’s activities which took place in the past quarter, both in the U.S. and in the world. One delicious, easy-to-make vegetarian dish is also introduced in each issue.

【The World of Tzu Chi】The World of Tzu Chi

“The World of Tzu Chi” is a bimonthly English journal produced by Tzu Chi Melaka’s Publication Department. First published in January 2008, the journal caters to the needs of non-Mandarin speaking readers in multi-racial Malaysia. Prior to this publication, there used to be an English corner in the Chinese version of the journal since December 2000.

In line with Master Cheng Yen’s mission to expedite the process of harmonizing society through purifying minds, it is important for the journal to spread widely the Tzu Chi spirit to all walks of life. Besides imparting Master Cheng Yen’s teaching, the journal also provides an in-depth coverage of the work carried out by the local Tzu Chi volunteers; and bears testimony to the touching real-life stories of love and kindness.

In response to the call to be eco-friendly, this journal is digitized and posted in our website in three formats: web, e-book and PDF.

【Tzu Chi Readers' Club】 Brief introduction to Tzu Chi Readers' Club

The Tzu Chi Newsletter, a semi-monthly, was launched on September 1, 1986. It first appeared as just a one-sheet newsletter. Master Yin Shun and Master Cheng Yen served as its publisher and president respectively, and Chen Hui-jian, a famous author, was the paper's first editor-in-chief.

Established in October of the same year, the Tzu Chi Readers Club strives to promote the principles and philosophy of Buddhism as well as form good affinities with people by helping them to grow spiritually.

The Publications Department at our culture center publishes books on personal spiritual growth, parenting, gender relations, and a wide variety of other topics. It also produces children's storybooks, audio books, CDs and DVDs, providing an assortment of genres for all ages and tastes. These publications strive to fulfill Master Cheng Yen's three wishes to free the world of disasters, bring harmony to society, and to purify the hearts and minds of all people.

【Rhythms Monthly】Rhythms Monthly Website

The Rhythms Monthly was established on August 1, 1998, with the mission of bearing witness to our times and recording the history of mankind.

When the magazine was first established, Wang Duan-zheng, CEO of the Tzu Chi's culture center, said, "It's not difficult to publish a magazine, but publishing a magazine that upholds upright principles and ideals and does not pander to popular tastes is actually very difficult. That's exactly what Rhythms Monthly has set out to do. The magazine conveys through its articles the importance of Great Love, gratitude, caring, respect, sincerity, and goodness---values that should be cherished by everyone."

【Da Ai e-Radio】 Da Ai e-Radio website

On November 16, 1985, Tzu Chi's first radio program, The Tzu Chi World, was aired on Taiwan's Min Ben Radio Station. On April 8, 1986, Tzu Chi radio programming reached a milestone when The Tzu Chi World was aired on BCC radio, the most prestigious radio station in Taiwan. This allowed the program to reach an even broader audience, thus starting a new chapter in Tzu Chi's radio programming.

Taking advantage of new technologies, Da Ai e-Radio started airing on September 1, 2005. Despite having undergone many changes, it is gratifying to know that our programming broadcast on the Internet is being well received by our audience. We have been especially touched by stories of Tzu Chi volunteers who learned to use the computer and the Internet just so they can listen to our Da Ai e-Radio.

Our studios are now equipped with webcams, so people using MSN can talk to us by clicking on "See the Broadcast" on our Da Ai e-Radio web page. By interacting with our program hosts, listeners can become more involved in the programs. Such interaction also allows us to get to know our audiences better.

【Da Ai TV】 Da Ai TV website

Master Cheng Yen believes that Taiwan's most precious treasure is its people's abundance of love and kindness. As TV professionals, we have a responsibility to act as viewers' eyes, and do our best to discover and report good deeds and wholesome news. Commenting on the effect that Da Ai TV has had on spreading the Buddha's teachings, Master Cheng Yen says, "As an individual, my ability to influence the masses is limited. If we can unite the efforts of more people, and utilize what modern technologies we have today, we will truly be able to spread the Buddha's teachings everywhere, as if there were billions of Buddhas throughout the world."

Since its inception on January 1, 1998, Da Ai TV---guided by the vision of respecting life and caring for society---has devoted itself to reporting the truth, goodness, and beauty of the world. Our hope is to lead people in society down the right path, bring out the innate goodness that is present in every person, and pass on positive cultural values to the next generation.


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